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Unique landscapes, different cultural influences and gorgeous beaches – all this is Bali. The Indonesian island has enjoyed unbroken popularity among tourists worldwide for several years. To ensure that the next vacation is a complete success and that the time out in Bali can be used optimally, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance about hidden gems, the country and its people, as well as culinary insider tips. For this we have picked out a few special guides to make your time on the island an unforgettable experience.

Bali book

122 Things to do in Bali by Petra Hess and Melissa Schumacher

The guidebook was lovingly compiled by the authors Melissa Schumacher and Petra Hess. Melissa founded the travel blog Indojunkie several years ago, where she shares her insider tips with other travelers. In 2015, the travel publishing company was founded with Petra Hess, which has already produced five books. The travel guide for Bali is now already in its second edition and contains numerous tips and tricks for an unforgettable vacation. On almost 400 pages, the authors have 122 ideas in 12 chapters to give the reader a perfect insight into the world of Bali.

The recommendations were tested by the authors themselves and only the most beautiful corners and authentic experiences were included in the guide. Many tips and activity suggestions are off the tourist magnets and tourist trails, offering even more unforgettable moments on the island paradise. The guide includes suggestions for dream beaches, fascinating temples, impressive waterfalls, authentic local markets and various accommodation suggestions. Also in terms of activities, the authors have compiled a wide selection and so the reader learns where to admire the most beautiful rice terraces, gets insight into the local cuisine with restaurant tips and food suggestions or where to find the best beach parties. The underwater world was also discussed in detail and numerous tips on the most beautiful diving and snorkeling spots were compiled.

Since Bali is also a yoga hotspot, the guide offers numerous inspirations for exceptional yoga studios and providers, so that body and mind are optimally balanced. More adventure is offered by the numerous volcanoes to climb – whether Sunrise Tour or the unique Blue Fire of Ijen, nature lovers will find numerous suggestions for unforgettable nature experiences in the book. The regions of Bali are presented individually and in addition you get interesting background information about the country and its people. The guide is peppered with numerous maps and pictures to make you want to travel even more.

Lonely Planet by Ryan Ver Berkmoes and Adam Skolnick

The two authors are true Bali lovers and traveled the country several times in the past to find even the most secret corners. Ryan Ver Berkmoes traveled to the island for the first time in 1993 and immediately fell in love with Bali. Adam Skolnick is an author and journalist who has traveled to many countries around the world. With this work, the two authors want to give a deeper insight into the island world and have collected their favorite spots and corners for the readers. For the research they traveled the island for several months and created a perfect companion for individual tourists. On 480 pages, the reader will not only find helpful information about Bali, but also the neighboring island of Lombok has found a place in the travel guide.

Not only expert background information on the island is provided, but also numerous tips and tricks on travel routes, means of transport and information for the perfect planning of the trip have been lovingly summarized in the travel guide. The most beautiful sights with current price information and opening times are presented in the guide as well as personal discoveries and travel highlights of the authors. Diving enthusiasts will find exotic spots with the most beautiful reefs and ideas for encounters in the underwater world. Snorkeling enthusiasts will also find plenty to inspire them. For those who are drawn more inland from the sea, there are different ideas for hikes, volcano climbs, the most beautiful rice terraces or breathtaking temples.

So that the relaxation does not come too briefly, the travel guide dedicates itself among other things to the many dream beaches of the island and recommends also Spots for Surfer and friends of the Wellenreitens – independently of whether it concerns Beginner or professionals. In addition, the book also provides tips for other activities such as authentic spots for cooking classes or high-quality massage studios. Besides Bali, the neighboring island of Lombok has found a place in the reference book and lets the reader get a preliminary impression of this beautiful island. A small phrasebook completes the work and makes traveling in this Indonesian paradise even easier.

Marco Polo by Moritz Jacobi and Christina Schott

The author and the authoress are enthusiastic travel friends and have already explored quite a few corners of this earth. In this guidebook, inspiration, travel highlights and ideas from locals have been brought together for the reader in an interesting mix of background information and ideas for activities. The work includes not only Bali, but also the neighboring islands of Lombok and the Gilis have found their place in the book. Another highlight of this guide is the free Marco Polo App with many offline and online maps, for an even more straightforward and relaxed travel experience.

Colorful underwater worlds, gorgeous white sand beaches, exotic natural scenery and ideas for adventurous excursions are highlighted in the guide. The authors have not only used their own experience, but also the know-how of local residents, who have passed on unique corners and hidden gems. Authentic restaurants, small markets for shopping and diving into the culinary world of Indonesia as well as extra tips for rainy weather, vacation with kids and low-budget excursions were discussed in detail in the guide. Where can you rent your scooter?

What accommodations are available in the various price ranges? The authors have also researched some background information on these topics and summarized it in the travel guide in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. Detailed maps and the additional app make traveling around the islands easier, helping to plan for an unforgettable vacation experience.


All three guides offer insider tips as well as hidden gems, which have been lovingly compiled and researched by the authors. The reader will not only find information about activities and impressive places, but also background information about the island paradise can be looked up to dive even deeper into the culture.