Gitgit Waterfalls (Air Terjun Gitgit)

Gitgit Wasserfälle
, Gitgit waterfall 200507-3, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Gitgit Waterfalls are a popular destination on the Indonesian island of Bali and are among the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Among locals, this sight is known as Air Terjun GitGit.

Where are the waterfalls

The Gitgit Waterfalls are located in the northern part of the island. By car or scooter, they can be reached in one and a half to two hours from the town of Ubud, a little more than 60 km to the south. From Lovina the waterfalls can be reached in a little more than half an hour.

Why it is easy to get confused at the waterfalls?

On site, there is often confusion, because those who arrive from the south first reach the smaller but no less beautiful Gitgit Twin Waterfall (Air Terjun Campuhan). The more famous and with a height of 35-40 meters also much more imposing GitGit Waterfall (Air Terjun GitGit) is located about 2 kilometers north of the Twin Waterfall. In order not to miss anything, it is best to see both waterfalls up close. It is definitely worth it.

What is the best way to get to the waterfalls:

Directly on the road between Singaraja and Denpasar is a parking lot, which was created especially for visitors to the waterfalls and is well signposted. From the parking lot, a path about a kilometer long leads past numerous souvenir stores to a ticket booth. There you have to pay the entrance fee to visit the waterfalls. The entrance fee for an adult is around IDR 5000.

The further way to the waterfalls then leads through the Balinese jungle, past water cascades that invite you to bathe and over several bridges.

At what time is it worth visiting?

In principle, the GitGit Waterfalls can be visited at any time of day during the opening hours of the ticket booth. However, it is recommended to visit in the early morning hours, when there are even fewer tourists and guides on site. Just then, you can enjoy the peace and nature in its full glory.

What activities offer

The waterfalls are suitable for a leisurely walk through the unspoiled natural landscape of the island. In addition, you can also bathe in the cool water. Therefore, in any case, do not forget your swimsuit.

Since the way to the waterfalls is not particularly difficult, a visit to the sight is suitable even for people with little physical condition, the elderly or children.

More information & myths

About 20 minutes walk from the GitGit waterfall is another waterfall, the Air Terjun Bertingkat. However, this one is not nearly as spectacular.

In addition, there is also a superstition circulating in relation to the waterfalls. Many couples are warned by locals not to swim together. In fact, the myth says that the relationship of couples who go into the water together will break up in no time.


For nature lovers, a visit to the GitGit Waterfalls in Bali is a must. The untouched nature around the waterfalls and of course the sight itself are simply worth a trip. For passionate photographers, countless unique photo motifs are offered here.