Nusa Dua

nusa dua beach
Rayansharif, Nusa dua beach, CC BY-SA 3.0

Where can you find Nusa Dua?

On the Bukit peninsula in the south of Bali lies Nusa Dua. Ngurah Rai Denpasar Airport is only about thirty minutes away by car. Despite its proximity to the airport, Nusa Dua and the surrounding beaches are not affected by aircraft noise, as the town and beaches of Nusa Dua face the east side of the peninsula and the airport faces the west on the approach to Bukit.

There is a heavenly silence once you reach the area with several posh hotels.
The place is a secluded vacation world with several very luxurious hotel complexes.

Beach vacation with many activities

pantai nusa dua
Anton Ardyanto, PANTAI NUSA DUA, CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s all about water sports on the coast of Nusa Dua. A reef lies offshore and protects the beach from high waves. Swimming inside the lagoon is completely safe and ideal for beginners and children. The waves break far out in front of the reef. Surfers and divers find their territory along the reef and on the side facing the sea. There is also a possibility to try seawalking here.

With a helmet on your head, it is possible to breathe and see clearly underwater. This way corals and the colorful fish diversity become tangible without having to dive. During the rainy season from November to March, surfers look for the perfect wave here.

Snorkelers explore the reef with its underwater world and colorful creatures. Jet skiing and kiteboarding and parasailing are proposed both by the various hotels and through local providers.
For golfers, one of the most beautiful golf courses is located near the beach, the Bali National Golf Club. With a fantastic view over the well-kept course and far out over the Indian Ocean, it is a special experience to play a few balls.

In most hotels, tennis fans will also find the ideal court. Fitness centers encourage hotel guests to stay fit and active. Whether it be cardio boxing or family training, anything is possible.

Highlights and sights around and in Nusa Dua

waterblow bali
Triy Purnama, Waterblow Bali, CC BY-SA 4.0

A breathtaking natural spectacle is the Waterblow. Between two stretches of beach, on a bluff near Pantai Pandawa, lies a rock formation where the crashing waves catch in a gap and shoot upward with force as a fountain of water. During heavy swells, the waves and thus the rising fountain sometimes become too high and dangerously powerful, so that access has to be closed.

Another highlight is the Pasifika Museum. Founded by Moetaryanto and Philippe Augier, it shows about 600 paintings and sculptures from the Asian region and preferably from Indonesia.

Puja Mandala charmingly shows the diversity of values and the five main religions of Bali and their harmonious coexistence. On a promontory, the “Complex of Worship” represents that in the form of a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a Catholic and a Protestant church and a mosque.

Pura Geger Dalem Bleach stands upright on a cliff. Not only the Hindu temple is a sight to see. The location is also impressive. A fantastic view of the surroundings is magnificent. The first rays of sun in the morning make the place even more fabulous.

What makes Nusa Dua so special?

museum pasifika
Museum Pasifika, Museum Pasifika, CC BY-SA 4.0

Nusa Dua is a dream place for those who are looking for a stay with a lot of tranquility coupled with sophisticated comfort and luxury. The buildings must not be higher than the palm trees surrounding them. Predominantly in the 5-star range, the hotels are set in large, inviting gardens that blend with the beach.

It is a place that consists only of hotel facilities and was built especially for tourism. To protect the well-kept grounds and the sometimes high-profile guests, Nusa Dua can only be reached in part through a guarded barrier. Extreme cleanliness is observed on the snow-white, well-screened beach.

Shopping and some evening entertainment outside the booked hotel is available at the Bali Collection. The enclosed shopping center within the Nusa Dua hotel zone invites you to stroll around with supermarkets, souvenir stores and restaurants.

Who should plan their vacation here

For all vacationers who want to enjoy peace and luxury away from tourism, Nusa Dua is a unique oasis. Luxury class hotels and an indescribably white, long sandy beach in front of a sparkling turquoise sea guarantee a heavenly vacation in complete seclusion from everyday life.

There is no contact with the local residents except in service. This only takes place again when you leave the hotel area and go on excursions around the island of the gods. Sports activities and relaxation, selected gastronomy and culinary delights determine the daily routine.

Beaches and beach quality

nusa dua beach
Tanti Ruwani, Picture Perfect morning at Nusa Dua Beach, CC BY 2.0

The beach of Nusa Dua is protected by the offshore reef. At low tide it becomes extremely wide and small pools of sea water form in the lagoon. If the water then comes back, it is perfect for bathing and undisturbed swimming all year round with 27 degrees. No current and no swell affect the calm water.

For those who do not want to retreat to the shady garden after swimming, there are sunbeds with cushions and umbrellas available in the warm sand.
The various sections of the beach can be hiked along a seven-kilometer promenade along the sea. Early risers enjoy a phenomenal sunrise here every morning.

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Nusa Dua is an absolute dream destination on the island of Bali. The short transfer to the airport is a plus, along with the fantastic location. However, the island of the gods is ultimately too good to be just a beach vacation.

With a round trip in one or two days bring the Balinese culture and the beauty of the landscape as an enrichment to the vacation.