Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Location of the Don Antonio Blanco Museum in the small town of Ubud in South Bali.

The Don Antonio Blanco Museum is located on the outskirts of the small town of Ubud in the south of Bali in the district of Kecamatan. Built in the style of a European Renaissance complex, the former home of the painter with Spanish-American roots, who came from the Philippine Islands, is perched on a hill with a magnificent view.

Situated on hill near Camphuan Ridge Walk with access via garden

The hill with the Don Antonio Blanco Museum is located just behind the bridge over the Camphuan River. The entire complex, visible from afar near Camphuan Ridge Walk, includes the artist’s home as well as a museum and the studio containing his works. Access is through a lushly landscaped garden with the Blanco family temple.

Activities around this sight – visit premises with studio and garden.

The activities during a visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum are primarily aimed at visiting and exploring the building complex. The unusual architectural style of the property in Bali immediately catches the eye. The lavishly designed building in the style of a rococo palace fascinates with the bizarre and out of the ordinary taste of an eccentric artist from abroad. The artistically landscaped garden can be explored as extensively as the museum section with the mostly erotic paintings of the painter.

Visit former living quarters of Antonio Blanco and buy art and books in the museum store

In addition to the museum with about 300 works by Antonio Blanco, some of the former living quarters of the artist, who died in 1999 at the age of 86, are open to the public. This also applies to the painter’s studio, where half-finished works from his last creative period can still be seen. Lithographs by the artist and books about Antonio Blanco are available for purchase in the museum store.

Combine museum visit with city stroll through the cultural city of Ubud

A visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum can be combined with a stroll through the small town of Ubud. The town with its approximately 74,000 inhabitants is considered the cultural center of Bali and invites with its multitude of magnificent temples and palaces to extensive sightseeing.

Combine culture with nature and hike on the nearby Camphuan Ridge Walk

Those who want to combine culture and art with hiking in a typical Balinese landscape should combine a visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum with an exploration of the Camphuan Ridge Walk nearby. The Hiking Trail is considered one of the best of its kind in Bali, leads through lush nature and is suitable for short walks as well as for longer tours.

Local rules of conduct when visiting the museum

The local rules of conduct in the Don Antonio Blanco Museum are the usual ones as in any art museum in the world. Respect and restraint towards the works, even if you may not like the artist’s work, should be a matter of course.

In the museum and studio, the exhibited paintings should only be looked at and not touched. The strict prohibition of photography in all rooms of the museum must be observed.

This is what you should have done at this sight

In any case, it makes sense not to leave it at looking at the eccentric building of the Don Antonio Blanco Museum, but to buy a ticket to enter the premises. After all, the painter from Manila in the Philippines is considered the most important artistic personality who has ever lived in Bali.

The artist with European-American roots was married to a Balinese woman and converted to Hinduism. And so, when visiting the rooms and pictures, one can also gain exciting insights into the relationship between Balinese-Asian and Western cultures.

Walk through the ornate magnificent garden

Not to be missed during a visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum is a walk through the artistically landscaped garden with family temple and magnificent panoramic views. Visitors are recommended to take part in a personal tour of the estate and garden, painter’s studio and museum with a family member of the artist, who died in 1999.

For whom is a visit worthwhile?

A visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum is especially worthwhile for friends of art and culture. A tour of the premises and viewing the artworks in the museum and painter’s studio will provide lasting impressions and insights into the many cultural influences on Bali, including those from Europe. The sight is also interesting for those who are interested in Balinese garden architecture and imposing and unusual buildings.

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Conclusion: Don Antonio Blanco Museum as an extraordinary sight in Bali for art lovers

The Don Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud in southern Bali is a magnet for all those interested in exceptional art. Situated on a hill on the outskirts of the city, the estate attracts culture fans from all over the world as an artists’ palace with a museum, residential building and studio spaces.

The eccentric artist Don Antonio Blanco from Manila with Spanish roots brought European flair to his adopted country Bali until his death in 1999. The premises can be visited for an entrance fee, a visit to the lush and ornate garden is free of charge. Situated high on a hill, the property affords imposing views over the Balinese landscape and is a popular photo motif.

From the museum explore the cultural city of Ubud and the Camphuan Ridgewalk

If you want to dive even deeper into the cultural scene of southern Bali with its diverse influences, you should pay a visit to the multifaceted cultural city of Ubud and its magnificent palaces and temples. Nature and hiking enthusiasts combine a visit to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum with a hike on the Camphuan Ridge Walk through unspoiled nature nearby.