Jimbaran fish market

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Discover culinary delights at Jimbaran Fish Market Squid, lobster, shrimp and numerous fresh catch fish – discover the diversity of Bali at one of the most famous fish markets on the island. From a preparation directly on the beach to a dinner in a noble fish restaurant, here you have a varied offer.

Contact details and address

The exact address of the market is Pasar Ikan Kedonganan

Here you will find the Jimbaran Fish Market

The market is located directly on the beach in a fantastic location in Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran is a fishing village in southwest Bali, localized on the Bukit Peninsula. Within 15 minutes you can reach Bali’s international airport by car or scooter. Alternatively, you can stay in one of the gorgeous hotels on the beach and reach the rich fish market after a few meters.

These activities are offered

You can go to the market early in the morning to see the fishermen come in with their catches and prepare the fish for the day. In any case, take enough time to discover the diverse offer and taste your way through the fish varieties.

Your selection is then weighed and suitably marinated, i.e. pickled, for you. In addition, your dish comes with a variety of side dishes – from rice, baked potatoes, a bowl of soup to salad, water spinach and spicy sauces. You can also get fresh fish and seafood in the numerous surrounding restaurants. In addition, you will also be served wok dishes or optional pasta. A special highlight is the atmosphere of the evening hours. Occasionally, musicians with reggae songs surround the hustle and bustle on the beach.

What you should consider during your stay

Consider in advance when you would like to visit the Jimbaran Fish Market. In the early morning hours you get the fish fresh directly after catching and laying out. In addition, the climatic conditions at this time are even more pleasant and the smell is less intense. Also, carry enough small change, as merchants may not be able to change large bills. Otherwise, it is important to enter into an exchange with the locals in a respectful manner and to seek advice.

You should definitely try this

Have your seafood and fresh fresh prepared right on the spot at a so-called warung for a small fee. A warung is a small street food stall that has a small cooking area.

If you would like to visit one of the numerous fish restaurants afterwards, there is also the possibility that you bring your previously purchased fish and have it prepared there. Moreover, enjoy your purchased food on the beautiful beach of Jimbaran at sunset.

For whom is the fish market suitable?

A visit to this place worth seeing is suitable for anyone who likes to eat fish and taste the culinary specialties of the region. Families and couples of all ages will find an impressive stay at Jimbaran Fish Market.

More information for you

You would like to know more about the fishing village Jimbaran? Get additional valuable tips especially for visiting the seafood restaurants on Jimbaran beach.


Be sure to visit the Jimbaran Fish Market to taste Bali’s culinary specialties. Watch how the fresh fish and seafood are prepared and discover entirely new species of fish. Due to the variety of offers around the beach, your trip will be a special experience.