Sekumpul waterfall

Putu Andika Panendra, Ketinggian Air Terjun Sekumpul, CC BY-SA 4.0

Where are the Sekumpul Waterfalls located?

If you also go to the north of the island during your vacation in Bali, you should not miss the spectacular Sekumpul Waterfalls. The seven gigantic cascades give you the feeling of being in a fairy-tale and mysterious valley far away from civilization.

The starting point for the trip is Sekumpul Village in the north of the island. From the Kuta area, expect a two and a half to three hour drive by car or scooter. From the area around Singaraja there are about 20 km, from Lovina about 30 km or three hours drive ahead of you. In these cases, it is recommended to rent a car or better a car with a driver. Take a whole day for the excursion.

What activities are available?

Walking, hiking, trekking

The main attraction in Sekumpul are the twin falls, which are the most impressive of all seven waterfalls with a height of 80 meters. You can visit all seven on a longer hike, as they are only ten minutes apart. Objective danger is nowhere, because an iron handrail ensures the safety of hikers and walkers.

The path to the waterfall is easy to find and walk from the car parking lot. On the way you will climb about 400 steps that will take you to the height of the waterfalls. Keep in mind that this is sometimes quite strenuous due to the steepness.

Photography and swimming

On the way back you will pass a wonderful viewpoint from which you can observe and photograph the entire scenery. You can continue on the path or choose to cross the river (barefoot, with waterproof shoes or by means of a bridge) at a fork.

So be sure to bring your swimsuits! A refreshing swim in one of the natural pools created at the base of the falls will be a highlight at the end of your tour.


Many local guides offer their services online or even directly at your resort. You will be accompanied and provided with water and a snack throughout the day, including during the outward and return journeys. It makes sense to book a driver with a car, as the road conditions are not optimal. You are safer and better off leaving the driving to someone who knows the area. Often a day trip is combined with a visit to a coffee plantation.

If you are traveling on your own, you can hire a hiking guide right on the spot in Sekumpul. This is mandatory unless you choose the “View only” option.

Local rules of conduct

Since Sekumpul is not a secular or religious site, you do not need to worry about dress codes. As everywhere, however, the following applies here in particular: Take EVERYTHING back home with you that you have brought here. The beauty of nature suffers from tourism as everywhere else where people leave their traces of garbage, thoughtlessness and selfishness.

Refrain from using plastic and set an example for all fellow travelers and locals. Also, when hiring a guide, keep in mind to leave them a fair, yet not excessive tip.

Access to Sekumpul is subject to a fee. There are three different tickets: View only, Medium Trekking and Long Trekking. Converted, the former costs about € 1.50, but entitles only to take pictures at a special viewpoint.
Even by European standards, the fees are consistently fair: An accompanied Long Trek (three hours) costs around twenty euros, a Medium Trek (two hours) comes to about €12.

Any visitor to Sekumpul who is drawn to trekking must not do so on their own, but must have a local guide with them. This not only ensures the safety of travelers, but also the possibility of a secure income for the population. It also preserves infrastructure, which again benefits travelers. Immediately upon entering, you will be handed over to your guide.

Before arriving at the parking lot, sometimes you will encounter “cheeky” locals who will stop you and ask you to pay a registration fee for the visit. This is not to be taken seriously, but only an attempt at additional earnings.

What should you definitely do at Sekumpul Waterfalls?

Visiting the falls at Viewpoint definitely compensates for the several hours of travel – taking pictures and listening to the thundering falls is fun for any visitor! However, if you are reasonably fit and curious, be sure to take a medium trek or a long trek accompanied by a local guide.

He will inform you about the natural conditions, but also about the way of life of the population in this isolated place. You will learn interesting facts about animals and plants and at the same time contribute to a tourism that supports the local population.

The guide will show you where to cross the emerging rivers and streams at the bottom of the falls and where to avoid trails and paths in the fall. He will also show you the most beautiful bathing places.

For whom is a visit to Sekumpul Waterfalls suitable?

Depending on which activity you choose, any healthy and able-bodied traveler can hike the scenery. With smaller children, depending on their age, only a short walk is recommended; spry hikers may opt for the long trek described. For safety reasons, the condition of the ground must be taken into account: during the dry season from May to September, it can be walked on without any problems; during the rainy season, it can be slippery and sometimes more difficult to negotiate.

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Seven waterfalls of different beauty, height and shape make Sekumpul one of the most spectacular sights of Bali. Although the waterfalls are not centrally located, they can be reached from all tourist centers of the island in a day trip and experienced in a visit of several hours.

Depending on the level of difficulty, visitors of all ages can take an easy walk or a more challenging hike. Each trek must be accompanied by a local guide. Admission is subject to a fee. During the rainy season, the cascades are higher, more powerful and the surrounding terrain more slippery. Therefore, care should be taken to wear good shoes.