Jimbaran & Jimbaran Beach

Sonnenuntergang in Jimbaran
Sonnenuntergang in Jimbaran © Bali.info
Jimbaran sunset
Sunset in Jimbaran © Bali.info

Millions of people are attracted year after year to paradisiacal resorts, where the prevailing climatic conditions make it possible to spend fantastic summer vacations. Picturesque beaches and interesting sights are very popular with many summer vacationers, which is why the Indonesian island of Bali, among others, has become increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world in recent decades.

Among the localities in Bali that are very suitable places to stay during a summer vacation is the so-called“Jimbaran Beach” (or just called “Jimbaran”). Why this place is so attractive to many travelers from all over the world can be found out in this article.

The city on the beach

If somewhere of “Jimbaran” the speech is, then one speaks usually not only of the small town, which is in the middle of the tropical rain forest, but also of the large sandy beach, to which the place directly adjoins. Jimbaran is located south of “Kuta” between the airport and the peninsula “Bukit Badung”.

In the past, Jimbaran was a simple fishing village, but over time it has become one of the most beautiful resorts in Bali, due in part to the fact that it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which together make up the “Jimbaran Beach”. The paradisiacal image of the place is also complemented by the many restaurants that crowd the beaches.

In addition, there are still interesting sights that are located very close to Jimbaran. One of them is the famous sea temple“Pura Luhur Uluwatu“. Every evening, very special dance performances (so-called “Kecak dances”) are held in this temple, which attract a large number of people every day – both locals and vacationers from far away. If you want to travel to this temple from Jimbaran, you should plan a travel time of at least one hour.

A boon for fish lovers

As already explained, the place Jimbaran is a former fishing village, which turns into a culinary hotspot especially in the evening hours. At the many restaurants on the beach you can enjoy numerous freshly prepared fish dishes, which are often not even particularly expensive.

This makes Jimbaran Beach attractive not only for culinary enthusiastic tourists, but also for a lot of locals. Often the tables of the restaurants are located directly on the beach, so you can enjoy a beautiful sea view while having dinner and listening to the waves of the sea rolling on the beach.

However, the culinary journey doesn’t stop at these seafood restaurants. Very close to Jimbaran, in a neighboring village called“Kelan“, a large traditional fish market can be visited. In this market you can find not only “normal” fish, but also other sea creatures such as crabs or octopuses.

Anyone can buy the seafood of their choice (if it is on offer) at this market, and then take it to one of the many restaurants on Jimbaran Beach, where it will be tastily prepared for you. A place where this is possible is also called“warung” among the locals.

In this type of service, one warung takes care of the complete preparation of the fish, while another warung takes care of a side dish such as rice or sambal, and a third warung adds the right drink. Due to the fact that many are involved, this can be a very great experience for vacationers.

Important: It can get quite crowded at Jimbaran Beach in the evening. Then there is often also a kind of smog which comes from the many grills and ovens of the restaurants. If you want to have a table in the front row you should book early or bring a lot of time.

A ride on the Black Pearl

Very close to the fish market of Kelan is the anchorage of a ship called“Black Pearl“. However, this does not mean the well-known movie ship from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, but a (in comparison) small black boat, which is powered by a motor.

The owner of this boat, together with a team, runs an organization that offers exciting boat trips for tourists on the high seas every afternoon. On such a trip you can discover, among other things, hidden beaches and beautiful landscapes. In parallel, guests are also taken care of on board by offering drinks on the boat and playing casual music.

This gives all the guests on the boat an almost incomparable vacation atmosphere. Once the time of sunset is reached on such a tour, the boat stops for a while so that guests can cool off by jumping into the water. After the boat tour is over, guests can still have a delicious barbecue dish as dinner at the Black Pearl’s beach bar.

The bay of Jimbaran

South from the airport is the long Jimbaran Bay, which extends to the“Muaya Beach“. This part of Jimbaran Beach is usually visited by significantly fewer tourists than the rest of the beaches in the area.

In addition, in this area there are also a lot of warungs and “flying merchants” on the road, where, among other things, small snacks and drinks can be purchased. Furthermore, the Kedonganan fish market is held regularly at the northern end of the bay, where numerous colorful boats are anchored in the bay itself.

In addition, in the southwestern area of the bay you can find the two beach sections “Balangan Beach” and“Dreamland Beach“, which are known among locals and tourists especially for very good waves for surfing, and therefore particularly popular with passionate water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

Near aircraft

On the route to Jimbaran Beach, there is a place at the bypass where particularly extraordinary photos of airplanes can be taken. The reason for this is that the flight path of various aircraft is located at this bypass.

In addition, the flight path is extremely close over the road, which is why the planes fly relatively close over people’s heads. It doesn’t happen often in life that you can catch a glimpse of a flying machine from such an angle and from such a short distance, which is why corresponding photos of airplanes in these moments are relatively rare.


Jimbaran is ideal for a beach vacation. It is much quieter than the party zones of Denpasar or Kuta. The beach offers picturesque sunsets and the offer of restaurants and smaller stores is very good.

Jimbaran is therefore also ideal to end the Bali vacation, as it is very close to the airport and thus a transport from Jimbaran to the airport can be very timely and short. We had used Jimbaran for just that at the time – after exploring inland, we treated ourselves to a few days on the beach before heading home.

Hotel tip for Jimbaran

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali

  • Huge pool area with small “cottages”.
  • Very large breakfast buffet
  • Located directly at the small mall (with many restaurants)
  • Rooftop bar
  • 1-2 minutes to the beach

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