Lake Batur – Danau Batur

William Cho, Bali – Lake Batur (2699184942), CC BY-SA 2.0

Lake Batur, called Danau Batur in the local language, is a crater lake. It belongs to Gunung Batur, Bali’s most active volcano. The lake is surrounded by the volcanic plates of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The volcanic lake is considered sacred by the locals.

But what makes Lake Batur so special? It is almost 100 meters deep and 140 square kilometers in size. Thanks to these stately dimensions, it is one of the largest volcanic lakes in the world and rightfully attracts numerous visitors year after year.

However, with its rather low water temperature of 20°C, it is quite cold for the conditions on Bali. However, the quality of the water is very good. So good, in fact, that it serves as a source of drinking water for the people there. Accordingly, swimming in the lake is not allowed in every part of the lake.

A special lake and a special legend

lake batur
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas or alternatively © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, Bangly-Regency Bali Indonesia Lake-Batur-01, CC BY-SA 3.0

Not only the dimensions and the environment in which the crater lake is located are stately. Its history is also worth knowing. The lake, like the island of Bali, was formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

For this there is more than one story and legend that comes to mind when traveling across the beautiful island. The most famous, however, is probably that of the good-natured giant who once lived in the region together with the people living there – but who later turned against them out of hunger. As a result, he destroyed their villages and the people locked the giant in a huge hole where they buried him. This hole filled with water and, according to legend, is now Lake Batur.

What is worth seeing around Lake Batur?

Worth seeing or hearing are of course not only the many legends and stories that can be heard and partly also seen around Lake Bartur. In addition to the impressive volcano, which at 1717 meters is just as stately as the large lake at its feet, the surrounding area is also worth the one or other excursion and view. For example, the small village of Bali Aga, which is located on the shore of the lake.

Here lives a community that has held on to the original life of the Balinese: so they still live according to the traditions as they were known before the Hindu-Javanese wave of immigration to the island of Bali. They live in villages and are known, among other things, for their weaving art; but also for burying their dead in the open air.

The necessary respect: rules of conduct

Jorge Franganillo, Kintamani – Danau Batur – 49818147221, CC BY 2.0

The people who live here, like everywhere in Bali, are warm and welcome their guests. However, there are occasional exceptions such as nights or special celebrations when the gates of the villages remain closed to tourists. This should always be accepted.

Likewise, one should refrain from shaking hands too firmly, women should not be touched – certainly not by men – and one should always extend only the right hand to one’s counterpart. In addition, when visiting the villages, dress respectfully and not too revealing.

How can you pass the time on site?

But of course, Mount Batur is also worth more than just a quick look. Here you can pursue passions such as trekking and hiking, can visit hot springs or explore the surroundings by means of a canoe or boat. Also worthwhile is a trip to the top of the mountain, from which you can wonderfully admire the sunrise or sunset. However, guides are necessary for these tours.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you can take a bath in the hot springs or enjoy the various massages offered on site. The culinary specialties of the region, on the other hand, can be enjoyed in the numerous restaurants that can be found here.

Our conclusion

Lake Batur and its surroundings are therefore suitable for nature lovers and travelers of all ages and types and for singles as well as for families.

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