Hot spring of Banjar – Air Panas Banjar

hot springs of banjar
Eric Bajart, Termes d’Air Panas (Banjar) – panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0

In Bali there is a unique natural wonder and at the same time a wellness oasis, which is located in the middle of a tropical greenery and a temple complex. The springs of Air Panas Banjar are considered a unique attraction in Bali, which is very popular among locals, as well as tourists.

The water contains sulfur and is highly turbid, but is especially suitable for sensitive skin. The numerous springs make it possible that the water basins are always supplied with fresh water.

Hot springs for centuries already

These are centuries-old sources, which have been supplemented again and again over the course of many years. They developed into a popular place of recreation and retreat, attracting many visitors. The whole complex was already known for its healing properties during the occupation by Japan in World War II.

Even then, the water was used to cure skin problems and rheumatic complaints. The facility is located in the same district where the Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist Monastery is located. The monastery is located only about one and a half kilometers east of the springs.


There is a parking lot at the entrance to the site. Cars and coaches stop there and there is another access for motorcycles. On the way to a stone gate there are numerous souvenir stores selling various items to tourists. Shirts, art, fabrics, handicrafts and much more are hawked here.

The way to the springs leads over a bridge after the gate. Guests then come to another staircase, from where the first stairs are already visible. The water fountains can already be seen from here.

What activities are available?

chee.hong, Air Panas Banjar, Bali (3784747085), CC BY 2.0

The healing water has a temperature of about 36 – 38 degrees Celsius. This may seem unusual, especially since the outside temperatures in Bali are often also above 30 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, it is worth getting into the warm water. It relaxes and develops an extremely beneficial effect.

Due to the sulfur dissolved in the water, a bath has a beneficial effect and helps with rheumatic complaints, with tension, pain in joints as well as skin irritations. The springs are an oasis in the midst of tropical greenery that can be enjoyed and invites you to bathe.

In the middle of a temple

Directly where the hot water comes out of the ground in the nearby rainforest, a small temple was built, from where the mineral water flows into a total of three basins of the plant. At the same time, the first pool is the hottest. From there, the water flows over gargoyles, built of stone, into the square-shaped main pool.

The individual gargoyles are imitated nagas, which according to mythology are snakes that often have dragon-like heads in Bali. Finally, the water has already cooled down a bit and flows into the last basin. Visitors experience a highlight of the entire facility here, as multiple jets of water splash down into the pool. Guests standing in the beam can have their shoulders or back massaged by it.

Graduated plant

The bathing pools were created around the hot water spring and have a graduated structure. The first level has eight of the dragon spouts with a smaller pool adjacent to the spouts. Since the central bathing pool is large, families can also plunge into the bath. The main central pool is located on the second level.

Diving into the hot springs

hot springs bali
Eric Bajart, Thermes d’Air Panas Banjar, CC BY-SA 3.0

The sulfur smells very strong. Furthermore, it also colors the water turbidly, although fresh water constantly flows in. However, the sulfur also stains the skin and light colored bathing suits, and it can stain light colored towels when drying. Therefore, when visiting the facility, dark bathing suits and dark towels should be used.

Likewise, it is recommended to take a good shower after bathing. Guests have the opportunity to put them on the warm stones of the pool edge and rest there. In a nearby restaurant you can have a coke or ice cream. In addition, there are changing rooms for changing and lockers where items can be locked up for a fee.

Rules of conduct

Inside the bath there is an obligation to wear swimwear. Nude bathing is not allowed. It is also forbidden to jump from the edge of the pool. It is recommended to bring bathing slippers or flip-flops. Guests who like it especially quiet can visit the facility in the morning, because then the crowd is the least.

Explore the surroundings

Bathing in the warm springs is recommended for relaxation after visits to one of the temples. It can also be used for rest after a hike on Mount Batur. The hot springs are located in North Bali, about nine kilometers from Lovina Beach, surrounded by mountains. The distance to Singaraja is 24 kilometers. The springs are located about one kilometer south of Banja.

More information and location

Address: Jalan Banjar, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 80517, Indonesia.

Phone number: +62 (0)362 92901

Coordinates: -8°12’37.655″ N 114°58’1.785″ E


Banjar hot springs offer a pleasant retreat for all guests, whether singles or families, amidst the hills of Bali. Here there are many possibilities such as fun, sightseeing but also relaxation and above all a completely new experience in the middle of the warm sulfur water.

Even those who don’t want to swim in the hot sulfur water can enjoy gorgeous views in the tropical surroundings or look for souvenirs in one of the many souvenir stores.

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