Old Man’s Market in Bali

bali old man's market
Schnobby, Bali market 5, CC BY-SA 3.0

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At Canggu Bolong Beach on the southwest coast of Bali

Bali Old Man’s Market is located in Canggu on Bolong Beach, a popular surfing hotspot on the southwestern coast of Bali. The tourist area belongs to the district of Kuta Utara. The capital Denpasar is located in about 10 kilometers east of Cenggu.

Direct location on the tourist mile with surf schools, restaurants and cafes

Widely known as a weekend and flea market throughout the coastal region, Old Man’s Market is held right on the tourist mile of Cenggu, surrounded by surf schools, restaurants and cafes.

What activities are available at this sight?

Especially popular with tourists, dropouts and digital nomads from abroad, Old Man’s Market is ideal for a weekend getaway with a visit to the flea market.

The market is usually held on the last Saturday of the month and is considered one of the largest and most diverse in the region. Locals and emigrants to Bali offer their wares here at more than 150 stalls in a colorful mix.

Go bargain hunting, meet people and listen to music

Clothing and jewelry is sold here as well as natural cosmetics and household items. Visitors come here to browse for a bargain, socialize and socialize.

The market has a bit of an alternative feel and self-designed fashion can be grabbed here as well as organic cosmetics and organic food. If you like, you can listen to live concerts by local musicians at the flea market.

Enjoy flea market atmosphere and visit local gastronomy

A visit to the lively, colorful and somewhat alternative flea market can be combined with a stop at one of the numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

Those who visit this market will sniff original flea market atmosphere on weekends, taste local specialties and enjoy a coffee or drink overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Local rules of conduct at the flea market

flea market bali
Schnobby, Bali market, knives, CC BY-SA 3.0

The atmosphere at the flea market is very relaxed, there is a togetherness similar to a European flea market. The majority of visitors and vendors are foreigners from Europe, Australia and the USA.

Accordingly, the rules are also familiar to visitors from Germany and similar to flea markets at home. The visitors are mostly younger and in a vacation mood, and the interaction at this flea market is correspondingly uncomplicated.

Beware of pickpockets and watch out for valuables

As the Bali Old Man’s Market is usually very crowded and visitors stroll along the stalls in a tight squeeze, the event unfortunately also attracts pickpockets. It is therefore recommended not to carry valuables and to protect your wallet and papers well.

What should you have done at this sight?

If you head to the famous Bali Old Man’s Market on Cenggu beach on the last Saturday of the month, you should enjoy the laid-back flea market atmosphere.

In any case, it is worth it to make a bargain on fashion items and jewelry, often designed by yourself. It is stimulating to talk to the many digital nomads on the market to gain insight into their mentality.

Stop at restaurants and cafes around the flea market and surf on the beach

In any case, it is worth trying typical Balinese food in one of the small restaurants. Some of the cafes are located in the immediate vicinity of the market on Surfer Beach and invite you to take a relaxing break.

Surfers associate a visit to the flea market with a ride on the famous wave “Old Man”, which gave the flea market its name.

For whom is a visit to this sight suitable?

flowers bali old mans market
רפאל גורי, The flowers markrt in Bali, marked as public domain, details on Wikimedia Commons.

A visit to Bali Old Man’s Market is suitable for those who want to experience the special atmosphere of an alternative flea market on a weekend.

If you are on a bargain hunt and are looking forward to fancy clothes, jewelry or cosmetics and organic products, especially European dropouts, this is the right place.

Optimal for friends of the scene of digital nomads and surfers

Anyone who wants to get to know the scene of digital nomads from abroad, which is particularly strongly represented at this flea market, should come here. Surfers who are here because of the famous surf wave “Old Man” also feel comfortable around the casual market.

Conclusion: Bali Old Man’s Market Hotspot for Bargain Hunters, Digital Nomads and Surfers

bamboo baskets bali
Marklchaves, Pulang – Pasar Ubud Bali, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Bali Old Man’s Market on the famous surfer beach of Cenggu in the southwest of Bali is a hotspot on the last Saturday of every month, especially for tourists, dropouts and digital nomads.

The event is considered one of the largest, most famous and colorful flea markets in Bali. Homemade fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and organic food are sold mostly by immigrant Europeans, Australians and US Americans.

Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants around the popular surfer area flea market

Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants as well as smaller hotels have settled near the flea market area. The monthly Indian Ocean Saturday Market is the largest regularly recurring event in the surfing region.

Contact details/Address

Bali Old Man’s Market
Jalan Batu Bolong, Canggu, Badung, Bali
Usually every 1st Saturday of the month from 08:00 to 15:00
(no website available)