Bart Speelman from Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia, Traditional village, Bali, CC BY 2.0
Bart Speelman from Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia, Traditional village, Bali, CC BY 2.0

Secluded location in the northwest of Bali

The fishing village of Pemuteran is located high in the northwest of Bali on the road to the port of Gilimanuk. Here is the only ferry connection from Bali to the neighboring Indonesian island of Java.

Pemuteran is located in natural seclusion far away from the tourist centers and almost 130 kilometers from the island capital Denpasar in the south of Bali.

Nestled between two reefs not far from West Bali National Park

Pemuteran is nestled between two reefs on the Indian Ocean, an artificial one of dark volcanic sand to the west and a natural reef of light sand to the east. The place also borders the West Bali National Park with the offshore island of Menjangang.

Activities in Pemuteran – diving and snorkeling, nature, wine and tea

Ennio morricone, Snorkeling Pemuteran Bali 3, CC BY-SA 3.0

Those who want to get to know the original, natural and still largely untouched by tourism Bali, is in good hands in Pemuteran. Divers and snorkelers get their money’s worth in an impressively rich and diverse underwater world.

The water of the Indian Ocean here is crystal clear and warm and offers even beginners in snorkeling optimal conditions. For a contrast, it is worth exploring the vineyards, tea and spice plantations near Pemuteran.

Side trip to snorkel on the nearby island of Pulau

For divers, a short detour to the island of Pulau Menjangan, just a few kilometers off the coast near Pemuteran, is worthwhile. The marine reserve is considered one of the most beautiful diving spots off Bali. There are some diving schools on Pulau Menjangan and it is possible to get a PADI diving diploma.

Excursion through Bali’s only wine growing area and visit tea and spice plantations.

wine growing in bali
Bart Speelman from Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia, Hatten Wines vineyard Bali, CC BY 2.0

On land, too, there are nature-oriented activities around Pemuteran, such as a hike with wine tastingin the lush green hills. Thanks to the mild warm climate, the region is the only wine-growing area of Bali with the possibility of tasting the wine directly on the spot. A number of spice and tea plantations also invite a visit with a sample.

Rare birds and tiger watching in West Bali National Park

west bali national park
Wiaskara, LongTailedMacaca, CC BY-SA 4.0

Trips to the nearby West Bali National Park with rare animals such as the Bali Tiger and Bali Starling are also among the popular activities in Pemuteran. There is the possibility to join an organized bus tour through the West Bali National Park or to explore the diverse flora and fauna with a guide.

Highlights during a stay in Pemuteran – underwater world, beaches and sea turtles in front of magnificent natural scenery

An absolute highlight during a stay in Pemuteran is certainly the beautiful and partly untouched nature. This is especially true for the very diverse and colorful underwater world. From clownfish to moray eels, everything is there. Therefore Permuteran is especially for divers and snorkelers an eventful paradise.

Turtle hatching station for sea turtles directly on the beach

On land, too, marine life is one of the highlights of Pemuteran: right on the beach of this tranquil fishing village there is a reservoir for sea turtles. The Turtle Project cares as a nursery for baby turtles freshly hatched from eggs on the beach. The containers with the hatchlings are open to the public.

Thanks to the climate particularly lush nature with lots of greenery and the largest artificial coral reef in the world

Pemuteran swing
Lamacchiacosta, Pemuteran swing, CC BY-SA 4.0

Another highlight in Pemuteran is the nature itself. Thanks to the year-round warm and mild climate, the greenery in the hinterland here looks particularly lush, the sea calm and clear and the beach lapped by gentle waves. A particular highlight is the largest artificial coral reef in the world, maintained by environmentalists.

The special thing about Pemuteran: peace, relaxation in a natural environment and yet varied

The special thing about Pemuteran is its very idyllic location away from the big tourist crowds. At the same time, the fishing village, which has long ceased to be an insider tip, offers variety and opportunities for ventures and excursions, for example to the nearby West Bali National Park, thanks to its convenient location.

This mixture of seclusion, nature and variety makes the special charm of Pemuteran.

For whom is Pemuteran suitable as a resort in Bali?

pemuteran nature
pvdberg – Pixabay

In Pemuteran, especially nature lovers and friends of relaxed snorkeling and diving get their money’s worth. If you want to get to know unadulterated Balinese way of life and avoid the big and busy tourist hotspots of the island, this is your destination.

All those who like to do without nightlife on their Bali vacation and are looking for peace and quiet in unspoiled nature are in good hands in this idyllic and at the same time diverse spot on earth.

Accommodation in Pemuteran – small, fine hotels, resorts as well as bungalows and villas

In the rather tranquil resort of Pemuteran, instead of large hotel chains, you will find a number of well-kept smaller hotel complexes. The hotels and spas as well as bungalows and villas, resorts and homestays are mostly located a bit away from the beach in very quiet areas and surrounded by lush gardens.

Natural volcanic beach – the Pemuteran Beach for individualists

Pemuteran beach
Lamacchiacosta, Pemuteran beach sea entrance sign, CC BY-SA 4.0

Pemuteran Beach is a quiet and largely self-contained natural beach with stones. Depending on the section of beach, this gives this sometimes more sometimes less dark beach with sand of volcanic origin a particularly pristine appearance.

Since only the middle part is built on, the upper and lower sections of the beach are often deserted. The water is very shallow and there is no high swell. Therefore, even non-swimmers can safely swim in the warm sea at Pemuteran Beach.

Conclusion: Pemuteran as a destination for nature enthusiasts and peace seekers, friends of small, personal hotels and island hoppers.

Bungalow Pemuteran
Eric Bajart, Bungalow de Taman Selini Beach (Pemuteran) – panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pemuteran as a resort in Bali is a worthwhile destination especially for those seeking tranquility and nature enthusiasts. Tourist hustle and bustle is far away and not an issue here in the high northwest of the island. But in the tranquil fishing village you can explore unspoiled Balinese originality and a rich nature.

Especially the underwater world with coral reefs is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Also the nearby West Bali National Park invites to excursions and encounters with the Balinese fauna and flora.

Coziness in small hotels and optimal for island hoppers because of proximity to the ferry port to Java

In the rather small and very personal and lovingly designed with lush gardens hotel complexes of Pemuteran feel comfortable especially individual tourists and honeymooners. Thanks to its proximity to Gilimanuk, just a few kilometers away, as the only ferry port to the neighboring Indonesian island of Java, Pemuteran is also a destination for backpackers and island hoppers.

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