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Vacation on the spectacular west coast of Bali

North of the tourist metropolises of Kuta and Seminyak, on the southwest coast of Bali, lies the charming coastal town of Canggu. Only ten kilometers from the capital Denpasar and the international airport, Canggu is an amalgamation of several villages into a long stretched community along the Indian Ocean coast.

Here a huge surf throws itself against the beach. The partly high, strong waves are not so suitable for swimming. For this, Canggu has made a name for itself among surfers.

What activities are available in the paradise on Bali’s west coast?

Surf paradise

Factor number one in Canggu is the surf spot. The annual single-fin longboarding competitions have additionally drawn surfers’ attention to Canggu.

But even non-surfers are delighted by the special, quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Find inner peace with yoga

canggu yoga
thefragrantgarden – Pixabay

Close to nature and in harmony with the environment and mentality of the Balinese people, some yoga studios have settled in the village. From Vinyasa to Yin Yoga, visitors will find a fantastic atmosphere with incense sticks and singing bowls.

Massages on the beach are part of everyday life and surfers, for example, recover from sore muscles and tension.

Racy for scooter freaks

canggu rice field
Mx. Granger, Terraced field in Canggu, CC0 1.0

The bright green terraces of the rice fields tempt there to jet through the fields on a motor scooter.

Absolute highlights and the most important sights

The absolute highlight in Canggu are the breathtaking sunsets. Due to the location in the western part of Bali, the sunsets off the coast are always a gigantic moment.

When the ball of the sun slowly sinks into the sea and the water is bathed in a glowing red symphony of colors, it becomes very quiet and reverent on the beach.

The mysterious temple Tanah Lot

Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas or alternatively © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, Tanah-Lot Bali Indonesia Pura-Tanah-Lot-02, CC BY-SA 3.0

Close to Canggu’s coast, the extraordinary sea temple Tanah Lot impresses. On an artificial rock in the middle of the sea, the temple rises to a unique sight. Tanah Lot is strictly guarded by Hindu priests. It is forbidden for non-believers to visit the interior of the complex.

At low tide you can reach the rock on foot. By means of a small donation, one may also take a sip of the “holy water” from the fresh water spring at the foot of the rock. Between the cliffs there is a cave, Ular Suci. It is the home of “sacred snakes”.

Excursion to the cultural center of Ubud

About an hour away from Canggu is Ubud. Mystical and dreamlike temples make up the charm of this excursion destination. Yoga centers and spas add to the magical spell that lies over everything.

In the adjacent tropical forests, waterfalls thunder into the depths. Ponds with huge water lilies shimmer fabulously between the palm roofs. Extraordinarily, the evening atmosphere captivates everyone when the temples and the stone statues are illuminated.

What does the coastal strip offer in terms of local features

In general, the coastal strip is known and popular for its breathtaking sunsets. At Pererenan beach it has become a ritual for families with children to gather in the evening for a “sundowner” and enjoy the weather.

In the past, many backpackers “got stuck” here. Individual travelers have also conquered this piece of Bali for themselves. Many small restaurants have settled.

Gastronomy in Canggu

gastronomy canggu
Mx. Granger, Warung Bu Tika, CC0 1.0

The various cafes, restaurants and snack stalls provide with known good and healthy cuisine and in addition very inexpensive. The most diverse categories from classic to vegan or vegetarian take into account the different requirements of the guests.

Due to the different nationalities and individualists, the cuisine is also incredibly diverse. Italian, Mexican, Thai or Japanese – everything is possible.

For whom is this place optimal?

All those who are open-minded and would like to meet people from all over the world are in the right place. Sporty guests are just as welcome as nature lovers and culturally interested people. Canggu is the ideal place for young people and the young at heart.

Accommodation options

Expensive large hotel facilities are not to be found here. In contrast, pretty villas and private homes stretch up to the rice fields.

Pleasantly smaller hotels, organic hotels, private accommodations and vacation rentals compete with the large hotel resorts in the tourist hotspots of Kuta and Seminyak.

Canggus most beautiful beaches

beach club canggu
Silent view, Beach Club Canggu, CC BY-SA 4.0

Bali is of volcanic origin and this is shown by many beaches with their dark sand. If you are looking for a pure beach vacation with swimming, you will find the best conditions at Berawa Beach. Eco Beach is the absolute hotspot for surfers, with Batu Bolong being the preferred meeting point and destination for beginners and locals.

The beach sections merge into each other without any noticeable transition. However, each section has developed its own character. Berawa Beach attracts with a trendy beach club. Adjacent, families and children cavort on Nelayan Beach.

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Bali and the very special place Canggu hold unforgettable experiences and impressions. It is important to note that the temples are not only sights, but sanctuaries for the inhabitants of the island and Hinduism.

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