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waterbom bali
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The Waterbom Park in Bali is located in the north of the island near Kuta, diagonally opposite the shopping center. On 38,000 square meters there are 15 slides that really have something to offer for everyone.

Waterbom Park is one of the most famous and popular water parks in all of Asia.
The park is over 50% covered with green space and offers not only action but also a lot of relaxation and some tropical plants to discover.

What does the Waterbom Park in Bali have to offer?

In addition to great action-packed slides that are very large and twisty, there is also a lot for families with children to discover.

Two of the total 15 slides are specially designed for small children and five slides can only be slid with a tire or with sliding mats. The rest of the slides you slide without any accessories while sitting or lying down. Some slides are more for relaxation, such as the Lazy River slide, on which you can drift through the current with a tire, and others, such as the Twin Racers, convince with action and let you race at full speed into the abyss.
Very special are the Waterbom Park the free-fall slides, in which the ground is pulled out from under your feet at the start. Of this type of slide, the Water Bomb Park in Bali has directly 3 pieces.

For small children there is a separate pool with colorful slides. In this pool you can also climb on the climbing frame or take a shower from the water bucket on the ceiling, which empties every few minutes. Right next to the children’s pool is also a restaurant especially for parents, from which you can see the children’s pool.

The most fun is had with a height of 122 cm or more, because then you can enter all the slides and fully enjoy the day in the water park.

What else can you do at Waterbom Park?

In addition to restaurants and some stalls scattered around the water park offering ice cream or fresh juices, you can, for example, rent a gazebo in which you can lie all day to relax. In the park there is also a surf station where you can learn to surf with trained staff or show what you’ve got as a pro.

The facility also has a bungee jump for adults and children, and photos are taken on some slides that can be purchased afterwards.


Useful info

waterbom bali slides
I, Scoreed, Waterbomparkslides, CC BY-SA 3.0

Wasserbom Park opens its doors daily from 9 am to 6 pm to visitors from all over the world. The only day the adventure pool is closed is New Year’s Day in Bali and is always on a different day.
The entrance fee is about 33,00 € per person. Children under 11 years pay a reduced price of about 23,00 € and infants under 2 years visit the park for free.

Waterbom Park does not have hourly tickets, which are limited to 3 or 4 hours. You can buy only one-day tickets or two-day tickets. So you can stay all day in the park with the ticket until it closes. It’s best to check the park’s official website beforehand to buy discounted tickets for it if you’re lucky.

At the entrance of the park there is a stand where you can optionally get a wristband with which you can pay for example at the food stands or the restaurants. These are loaded with money, as the other method of payment in the water park is completely cashless and is only possible via the wristband. You pay a deposit of about 60 cents on the tape, which you get back at the end of the visit. If any deposited money remains on the wristband, it will also be paid out at the end of the visit.

The approach

For the journey, the cab ride is best suited. Via the app Blue Bird(AppleStore) you can calculate the exact costs for cab rides in Bali in advance and they are comparatively very cheap in Bali. Optionally, you can also arrive by car or scooter. The park provides a large free parking lot. Renting a scooter is also comparatively inexpensive. For one day with the scooter including a helmet you pay about 4,00 €.


Due to Bali’s year-round warm climate, a visit to Waterbom Park is suitable all year round. In as much as you like to slide and need a refreshment and action, Waterbom Park can definitely become a highlight of your vacation. Children can have a great time in the park and adults can also have a lot of fun on the more explosive slides.

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